Maximize your Lab’s Efficiency

  • Complex reports created with the click of a button
  • Old documents and reports retrieved in seconds
  • Case Study: DHL Analytical 60% increase in productivity and 94% decrease in paper costs

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Streamline the Review Process

Instrument data is automatically gathered, sorted and prepared for review. Labcore’s built-in workflow supports peer & multi-level reviews.

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Create Complex Data Packages

Complex data packages are created in seconds with the click of a button. Labcore gathers relevant documents and prepares a PDF for review.

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All data and documents are searchable in Labcore. Customer and auditor requests for archived results or reports are delivered in seconds.

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Labcore enables a near paperless laboratory. Reduce paper costs by more than 90% and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

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Demonstration of Labcore

  • See how to work with data packages
  • Create final reports
  • Learn about the index and search capabilities

At DHL Analytical, we are striving for ultimate efficiency in our operation. Now, with Labcore, our report generating is very efficient, data storage/retrieve is simple, and data reach our clients electronically with a few key strokes whether it is level 3 or 4 does not matter

DR. Luu, President/CEO
DHL Analytical

After considering many general purpose LIMS systems STAT decided that Labcore would best meets its needs to efficiently assemble, track and deliver accurate complete reports, all within a near paperless system.

Don Cortes, Chief Scientific Officer/VP
STAT Analysis Corporation

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