Documents From Every Source

Labcore is a one-stop-shop for all the documents produced in the laboratory. You can upload documents to Labcore from every source. The only requirement is that they are valid PDF documents.

What I like best is the data is automatically merged together so you do not have to go searching for any pieces of paper. Labcore knows, based on metadata on the page, where to put the documents.

Karyn Lane, Lab Manager/Senior Chemist
DHL Analytical

Everything in a Package

When PDF documents are uploaded to Labcore, they are automatically put into small packages called “Run Data” packages. A Run Data package contains everything needed to perform a review of the data – including calibration documents. Labcore knows which documents to expect; thus, allowing progress to be tracked.

The run data package is uploaded and automatically assigned for review to the relevant person or group of persons who are responsible for the first level of review.

List of files in data package

Labcore gives a great overview of which files have been uploaded and which are still missing.

Preview and Approve

With the built-in preview function, Labcore users can approve, reject and assign documents using the keyboard shortcuts. When a document has been processed Labcore automatically displays the next document in the queue.

Analyst based workflows

The typical workflow is based on the analyst. Meaning that Labcore automatically assigns the documents produced in the lab to the person who made the analysis and then performs the first review. An analyst based workflow is often combined with the ad-hoc workflow.

Ad-hoc workflow

This is a very flexible approach to the review process where the person who just performed a review can assign the document / package to either a specific person or a group. We normally recommend the ad-hoc workflow in combination with the analyst based workflow in the sense that we use the analyst to figure out who should do the first review and then allow the analyst to pick who should perform peer-review.

Assigning of documents or data packages to a specific user or a group of users.

Instrument-based Workflows

A typical scenario is the instrument-based workflow were Labcore, based on the instrument used to perform the analysis, assigns one or more people as responsible for each level of review.

Department-based Workflows

Each analyst is associated with a department. For each level of review, the department has one or more people assigned.

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