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In the typical U.S. Environmental Laboratory, each employee consumes 60,000 pages per year. With an estimated paper cost of $.07 to $.10 per page, that’s a minimum of $252,000 annually for paper and ink costs alone for a mid-sized 60 person laboratory. Unfortunately, the trend is towards greater demand for paper and increasing costs for labs using a paper-based system. However, Labcore can reverse that trend by dramatically reducing and even eliminating the need and use of paper in a laboratory.

DHL Analytical has documented a 94% reduction in paper and paper related costs with Labcore in 2013-2014, while STAT Analysis Corporation estimates a 95% reduction in paper costs in 2014. Labcore's success in this area has been phenomenal. Now EPA's Region 6 Laboratory in Houston Texas has implemented the Labcore solution and is expecting similar results in 2015.

Mark Ferrero, President and Co-Founder
Poplar Solutions

Automated Capture of Instrument Data and Documents

At all points, the documents and data will be captured at the earliest possible stage which eliminates, or drastically reduces, paper used at the laboratory. Labcore uses a paperless and automated “print to PDF” process creating substantial time savings, improved accuracy and a greener, ‘eco-friendly” operation.

Paperless Workflow and Editing Tools

Labcore’s built-in ad-hoc, instrument-based, and department-based workflows are configured to mimic the individual laboratories existing paper-based review process. Labcore integrates with existing and popular PDF editing tools so users can edit and sign them electronically. Edited documents are versioned so that data packages use the most current version of an analytical run or report, with all earlier versions archived and available for review.

Browser Based Access and Flexible Server Based Storage

Labcore allows users to quickly access their work through a secure permission-based browser application. There is no longer a need to print. All data and documents are stored in a very flexible and scalable server storage file system that allows users to quickly search and retrieve reports, instrument data or documents in seconds. Emailing customers is the delivery mechanism used instead of printing 100’s or 1,000’s of pages and shipping them. Consider the paper, shipping, and time savings!

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