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Being able to deliver high quality, accurate data packages and reports to customers is imperative for any laboratory. Expectations need to be exceeded in order to retain customers and stay competitive in the market place. Customers want results faster, cheaper and with higher quality and accuracy than ever before. Labcore enables your laboratory to do just that and make your customers very happy!

Labcore absolutely sames time in every aspect of our day to day job. When you can take a 3 hour job and make it into a 1 minute job its really been like the Holy Grail...We talk about it all the time and how impressed customers are with Labcore and how it makes their lives easier too.

Angie O'Donnell, QA/QC Specialist
DHL Analytical

Search and Retrieval of Results in No Time

Requirements to archive data for 10 years or more make it very challenging to store and then retrieve data and documents for customers or regulators upon request. Labcore enables users to find and retrieve documents quickly by searching via attributes like Work Order Number, Customer ID, SDG#, Instrument ID, Analyst or whatever metadata and keywords your laboratory determines is most useful. It also allows users to search documents using a powerful full text search.

Document Control, View, Identification and Full Version History

Labcore captures, identifies and stores all laboratory data and documents by integrating with laboratory instruments and other data systems. It is tightly integrated with your LIMS and identifies the documents as they come into Labcore. It also allows laboratory analysts and managers to manually identify documents if insufficient metadata is available. Once in Labcore, all documents are given a workflow and document type (either automatically by Labcore or manually) and these documents are tracked with full document controls including versioning and audit trail.

High Quality Data Package Deliverables

Labcore automatically collates, paginates and assembles a clean and consistent data package or report as specified with a table of contents containing hyperlinked bookmarks to allow customers to quickly get to what they need to see.

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