Rapid Assembly of Data Packages

The process of creating, assembling and tracking all data and documents required for a complex data package or report is very time consuming and difficult to manage. Independent studies indicate laboratories spend between 20-50% of their staff time searching for data and documents and assembling these reports. Labcore assembles any type of data package in seconds, from a small Level 1 reports containing 50 pages to complex Level 3, Level 4 CLP, or CLP-like data packages which may contain many thousands of pages. Labcore does it quickly and creates a collated, paginated report with a table of contents. The cost and time savings to labs are significant and proven!

Labcore reduced the hours needed to assemble complex Level 3 and Level 4 data packages by approximately 70% and has improved the turnaround time for Level 1 data packages by 15% allowing us to reallocate and reduce our labor costs.

John Dupont, General Manager
DHL Analytical

Data Package Overview

Users within the Labcore system can drill down and see the status of all data packages as well as create a new data package based on laboratory defined templates. Labcore integrates with your laboratory instrument and LIMS system, captures and properly places all documents, reports and raw instrument data into the appropriate data package folder.

File System View of Data Package Files

Labcore users have all the information they need to monitor and track the progress of individual data packages and associated files through the entire process. They can quickly see the status of a data package and even display what documents are missing from the data package. Labcore users can also assemble, review and approve data packages as one PDF complete with a bookmarked table of contents.

Seamless Integration with all Lab Informatics

Labcore differentiates itself from other solutions because it seamlessly ties together all lab informatics systems, such as LIMS and laboratory instruments. Labcore’s solution automatically captures, identifies and organizes data and documents and assembles complete data packages as well as analytical runs for review and archival.

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